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How To Sell Your Lot or Land In Pinellas County

Curious about the best way to sell your lot in Pinellas County? We are here to help you! We can help you turn your vacant land into cash today! Learn more about how to sell your lot or land in Pinellas County in our latest blog post!

Selling land is a lot different than selling a house. The market is typically slower as fewer people are looking for land. It requires an entirely different strategy as well as a fair amount of patience. You can look for a professional land buyer such as Pinellas Cash Buyers to quickly take the land off your hands for a fair price, you could try to sell it on your own, or you could work with an agent to try to do it for you. The problem with working with an agent is that most of them are focused on buying and selling homes. Land is a whole different ballgame that requires a unique approach in order to sell for the price you want, in the timeframe you want. Keep reading to learn more about your different selling options for your land in the Pinellas County area.

Working With A Professional Buyer

When you work with a professional buyer such as Pinellas Cash Buyers, you can expect a simple and easy transaction. Of course, not all buyers are the same, but typically the process is done and over within only a couple of weeks tops. We will handle the paperwork, deal with the title company and make sure everything is done correctly. When you sell this way you won’t have to worry about marketing, listing or paying an agent an expensive commission. Many land sellers choose to sell to a professional so they can quickly liquidate their assets, using the cash for another investment.

Selling On Your Own

When you sell your land on your own to a private buyer, there are a number of things you will be responsible for. You will need to ensure there is a clear title as well as creating and processing the contracts. Unless your buyer pays in cash, you will need to be patient while their loan goes through. The trickiest part of selling your land on your own is getting it in front of the right buyers. There isn’t as big of a market for land as there is for homes, so finding people interested in your lot may be tough. Using out of the box marketing, networking with the right people and being able to showcase the properties potential to different investors will help in your search for a buyer. Be sure to mark the property’s boundaries so people who come to check it out have a clear understanding of where the property lines are. You don’t want to deal with someone who thinks they are buying a certain piece of land, only to discover it was much smaller then they had assumed.

Hiring An Agent

When you hire an agent to sell your lot be sure to choose one who specializes in land. The process will be much different than selling a home. They will need to know how to effectively market the property without using tools such as an open house. You can do your part by getting the land ready for a sale and presenting it in it’s best light. They should know area investors who are looking for land and know how to get your lot seen by them. This means clearing the lot of brush and trash, and marking off the property lines so they can easily be seen. Just like when selling a house, you will need to pay them a commission when all is said and done.

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